Dancing Dangerous combines the powerful music of Michael Jackson with his personal purpose for a better world, tolerance and a helping hand for others.

The dancegroup was founded by Peggy Wolf in 2012. Peggy was a fan of Michael's music and spirit from the very beginning
Now the group consists of 5 dancers, all different ages, who also carry the spirit of Michael Jackson.

 Dancing Dangerous offers original choreographies but also creates their own for events. Costumes for the performances are handmade by Peggy Wolf and are very close to the original. Please see the shop if you are interested in one of the very unique pieces. We also offer workshops and gigs in Austria as well as other countries. With events and workshops Dancing Dangerous supports the children of the Blood Cancer Center at the Children's Hospital in Graz (Austria). We collect materials for arts and crafts as well as monetary donations for the children. If you would like to participate in this cause and donate, support our crowdfunding or become a sponsor let us know!