I’m Sen Smith, I live in Hungary. My original job is in Information Technology field. Dance is my hobby.

Previously, I was ballroom dancer, then bellydancer, till I arrived to Michael Jackson dance style. I started this style in 2009 November, first with a teacher, then alone shortly after that. I learned Michael Jackson’s original choreographies by myself from his videos. I attended dance courses by LaVelle Smith and Yuko Sumida who were MJ’s background dancers.

Later I worked and taught impersonators, dancers and non-dancers for stage performances and flashmobs. I was background dancer for solo dancers. This is how I got to Mistelbach where we had a performance. I met people, fans, dancers. I met Peggy Wolf there and her team Dancing Dangerous and she introduced me her event later: Thrill The World in Graz (Austria). I went there together with Eddy Balazs. I started friendship with Peggy and it happened she asked my help in the dance and to join to the group what I gladly accepted.

So I am in this group since 2013.
I am a big MJ fan since 80’s when I saw MJ in We Are The World and knew him more since BAD released. His art touched me and his personality fascinated me. From his loss I had the idea I want to know his dances and give it to those who want to learn it.

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