HIStory - 29.10.2016

inkl. Thrill the world at midnight


Tickets only in Advance - order now




 Sign in and dance with us
Every hour a different decade for dancing
Every guest should bring some accessories for themselves from the 70th,80th,90th the millennium until now
Necklace,belt,hat,shirt,jacket, shoes or whatever you like
So every hour a different scene
Also included in the ticket ,a buffet Berlin style and drinks.
A MJ shop with a lot of wonderful things
The result of the purchases is for the children´s cancer hospital

18-19 Warm welcome to the guests with MJ -Instrumentals
19-20 Jackson 5 early years
20-21 The Jacksons Highlights and Unknown
21-22 Off the wall and Thriller Flashmob rehearsal
22-23 Bad, Dangerous,Blood on the dancefloor
23-23.30 History, Preparing for Thrill the world


0:00- ??????????:-) Invincible,TII and all the other too

30.Oktober 2016

10.30 Brunch in Neverland
Food ,games and Fun and the original Sound of Neverland
And a lot of surprise