Dancing Dangerous combines the energy of Michael Jackson's music with his personal ideals for a better world, tolerance towards his fellow human beings, and help for the weaker.

In 2012, the dance group was founded by Peggy Wolf, himself a fan from the beginning. Through the dancers of different ages, the spirit of Michael Jackson lives on.

With its original choreographies, as well as new and own interpretations, Dancing Dangerous offers a varied program for every occasion. Stage costumes near the original from our own workshop complete the picture.

Performances and workshops at home and abroad are part of Dancing Dangerous's activities.

As with Michael Jackson, the focus is on helping the children. The cancer ward in Graz will benefit from the net proceeds of our event and 100% of the donations. Dancing Dangerous regularly brings donations and materials to creative design.

You can support us as a sponsor or with donations.

Peggy Wolf

Monika Poglitsch

Sen Smith

Eddy Balazs